Bachelor of Fine Arts, San Francisco Art Institute, 1988.


2023 In the Last Ditch, 1078 Gallery, Chico, CA
2022 Seven Day Weekend, Synapsis, Eureka, CA
2021 Jesse Wiedel: Studio 424, Eureka, CA
2019 Vibrant Tapestry: Synapsis, Eureka, CA
The Heroin Hilton: Outdoor Installation, Eureka, CA
2018 Candy Land Noir: Richmond Plaza Metaspace, San Francisco, CA
Cheadle//Wiedel: Canvas+Clay Gallery, Eureka, CA
2017 Celebration Day: The Black Faun, Eureka, CA
2016 The Ugly American Dream: Art Queen, Joshua Tree, CA
End Times Yard Sale: Haldan Art Gallery, Lake Tahoe, CA
2015 Jefferson Speedwagon: Velveteria, Los Angeles, CA
2014 Sketchy: Studio 424, Eureka, CA
2013 The Wet Spot: Vagrant Eye Projection Museum, Portland, OR
2012 This Magic Moment: Art Queen. Joshua Tree, CA
2011 Life is an Obscure Hobo Hitching a Ride on the Omnibus of Art: Art Queen. Joshua Tree, CA
2009 For the Good Times: Accident Gallery. Eureka, CA
The Cold Hard Fiction of Life: Art Queen. Joshua Tree, CA
2007 God is Dead: Show Cave. Los Angeles, CA
2007 Haunted Trailer Park: Jack the Pelican Presents. Brooklyn, NY
2006 Drawing on the Wrong Side of the Brain: Accident Gallery. Eureka, CA
2004 The Subnormal Discourse: Morris Graves Museum of Art. Eureka, CA
2003 Open Season: Robert Berman Gallery. Santa Monica, CA


2023: Citizens and Subjects, New Art Projects, London, UK
Cannibals of Love
, Ejecta Projects, Carlisle, PA
2022: The Haunted Seaport, Epitome Gallery, Eureka, CA
2021: A Show of Heads, Limner Gallery, Hudson, NY
Vices, Arc Gallery, San Francisco, CA
The Card Show, Epitome Gallery, Eureka, CA
2020: The Night Bloomin Kind, Hey There Projects, Joshua Tree, CA
Wild Lands, Artist Alliance, online exhibition curated by Gina Tuzzi
2019: Other Places Art Fair, The Barker Hangrrr, San Pedro, CA
Flat File Show with The Barker Hangrrr, Bozo Mag, Los Angeles, CA
2018: Boston Biennial 5, The Biennial Project, Boston, MA
The Freak Show, Local Project, Long Island, NY
An Art Den, Odd Ark, Los Angeles, CA
2017: StARTup Art Fair, San Francisco, CA
Amerika, Kunstalle Schlieren, Zurich, Switzerland
Is This Life?, Studio 424, Eureka, CA
2015: Harry Dean Stanton Festival, Kentucky Theatre, Lexington , KY
2014: Laughter in Darkness, First Street Gallery, Eureka, CA
Landscape City, Center for the Arts Eagle Rock, Los Angeles, CA
2013: The Voodoo Yoodoo, Vagrant Eye Projection Museum, Portland, OR
2012: Against the Grain, Mark Moore Gallery. Culver City, CA
Co/Lab After Party, S.S. Gilroy. Los Angeles, CA
Burning Leaves of Autumn, Krishna Kumar Gallery. Los Angeles, CA
2011: Painting from the Wrong Side of the Brain, Sanchez Art Center. Pacifica, CA
Grasping the Obvious, Reese Bullen Gallery. Arcata, CA
True Stories, San Pablo Arts District. Oakland, CA
Tears and Ecstasy, Sancho Gallery. Los Angeles, CA
2010: Culture, Lost Coast Culture Machine. Fort Bragg, CA
Art Works Every Time, Synchronicity Gallery. Los Angeles, CA
2009: Life is Sucking the Life Out of Me, Show Cave. Los Angeles, CA
Old School, Jack the Pelican Presents. Brooklyn, NY
2007 Buster: Super Lucky #2, Art For Humans Gallery. Los Angeles, CA
2006 Portrait of the Artist, The Shooting Gallery. San Francisco, CA
2005 Flash Art Fair Milan, (with Jack the Pelican Presents) Milan, Italy
Art Chicago, (with Jack the Pelican Presents) Chicago, IL
The Hedonistic Imperative, Jack the Pelican Presents. Brooklyn, NY
Scope Art Fair, Hamptons, (with Jack the Pelican Presents) Southampton, NY
The Big Brush Off, Falkirk Cultural Center. San Rafael, CA
Instant Gratification, The Shooting Gallery. San Francisco, CA
2004 25th Anniversary Show, Robert Berman Gallery. Santa Monica, CA
2003 San Francisco International Art Exposition (with the Robert Berman Gallery), San Francisco, CA
2002 1000 Clowns: Robert Berman Gallery. Santa Monica, CA
Turpentine Turpitude: Works Gallery. San Jose, CA
Relics...and Other Scenarios: I-Five Gallery. Los Angeles, CA
2001 Beefcake/Cheesecake: Sex, Flesh, Money and Dreams: Orange County Center for Contemporary Art.
Santa Ana, CA (curator: Tyler Stallings)


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2022 Interview and photo spread in Turps Banana Magazine, London, UK. Issue #25
Podcast "Humboldt Holding Up" Lost Coast Outpost, Eureka, CA
Interview and photo spread in Little Obsessions Magazine, Portland, OR
2021 Someplace Nice, online gallery, Bristol, UK
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SCROLL, online publication, Arcata, CA
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Jon Olsen "Try New Saucy Wings", Way Out Magazine, Denver, CO
2016 Ann Magnuson "Jesse Wiedel and the Ugly American Dream," Interview in Magnet Magazine
Feelings Journal Issue 4, Brooklyn, NY
“Jefferson Speedwagon” self made book of paintings, Eureka, CA
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"With All Your Power", Album cover art for Jean Nipon vs. AI , France
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Cover art for the San Jose Metro, San Jose, CA January 18-25
2004 Cover art for the North Bay Bohemian, Santa Rosa, CA December 18
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May 5 (Review of Show)
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