Jesse Wiedel's Drawings


Figure drawings from "Is This Life?" 2017, 11"x14":











"Cheerz" graphite on paper, 8"x10.5"



"Vote" graphite on paper, 8"x10.5"



"Bait" graphite on paper, 8"x10.5"



"Possum 1 & 2" graphite on paper, 8"x10.5"



"Hey Shirley" graphite on paper, 8"x10.5"



"Taking out the Trash" graphite on paper, 8"x10.5"



"Snuggle" graphite on paper, 8"x10.5"



"Children of the Cron" graphite, 8"x10.5"



"Harry Crews" graphite, 8"x10.5"


"Water Witch" graphite, 8"x10.5"



"Mattress Sale" graphite, 8"x10.5"



"Ho Ho's" graphite, 8"x10.5"


"Celebration Day" graphite on paper, 8"x10.5"


"Judy" graphite on paper, 8"x10.5"


"Guy Fieri" graphite on paper, 8"x10.5"


"Clarity" ink on paper, 8"x10.5"


"Lou and David" ink on paper, 8"x10.5"



"Light Beer" ink, 8"x10.5"




"Humboldt Bachelorette" graphite on paper, 8"x10.5"




"The Fuckin Nuge" graphite, 8"x10.5




"Flash" graphite, 8"x10.5"



"Mike Sargent" ink, 8"x10.5"



"Wayne Belly" graphite, 8"x10.5"



"Rebel Yell" graphite, 14"x17"




"Killers for Jesus" graphite on paper



"Nectar of the Gods" graphite on paper 9"x12"


"Eureka Freak" graphite, 8.5"x6.5"



"Science Fiction" graphite 8.5x11




"Witnesses" 8"x11" graphite




"Pump" graphite 8"x11" (sold)


"Pocket Flower" graphite 8"x11" (sold)





"A1 View" graphite on paper 8"x11"




"Angela & Jay" graphite and decopodge on wood 7"x9" each



"Bonanza" graphite 8"x11"



"Devils Advocate" graphite



Study for "hackeysack murders 1" 11x14 graphite

Study for "hackeysack murders 2"

Study for "hackeysack murders 3"

Study for "hackeysack murders 4"


Study for "hackeysack murders 5"


Study for "house of horror 1"


Study for "house of horror 2"


Dogwalker 11"x14" graphite (sold)


Bioterrorist Drawing 11"x14" graphite


Star Spangled Banner 14"x11" graphite


Donny's Donuts 8"x11" graphite(sold)


Red Sovine
graphite 8"x11"


"The Patriot Act" graphite 8"x11"


"Cindy" graphite 8"x11"


Failure to Communicate, graphite 8"x11" (sold)


Erosion, graphite, 8"x11"


Bud, graphite, 8"X11"


Pretzel, graphite, 8"x11"



Catfight, graphite, 8"x11"


Profile, graphite, 8"x11"


Jenna, 8"x11" graphite


"Jenna #2" oil pastel on paper 8"x11"



"It's the Water" graphite on paper 5"x9" (sold)


"Clown Down" excerpt from aborted childeren's book.

"Clown Shot Dead Outside Big Top sketch2" ink on paper 8"x11"


"Clown Shot Dead Outside Big Top sketch" graphite on paper 8"x11"



Sample's of a storyboard for the film "For a Day or a Lifetime" (see The Scourge in my Links page)
charcoal 8"x11" each on paper.